paying it forward

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One of the best experiences I had for Christmas (that is what I celebrate) was buying groceries for someone.  I was behind someone at the store. I had stepped in that line because she didn’t have a cart full of food. Wouldn’t you know it that a manager needed to be called.  I heard the manager say, “Your WIC card doesn’t cover this.”  (She was buying fruits & veggies, but white potatoes weren’t on the acceptable list.)

I quietly asked the manager if I could pay for her groceries.  She and the cashier smiled at me.  She told the woman, “Did you hear that?  She wants to pay for your groceries.”  The woman then tried to pay for her other items.  I told her, “Save your voucher, this round is on me.”  She started to cry and asked if she could hug me.  What struck me the most was the expression on her face–she looked like no one had ever done anything for her.  That made me incredibly sad; but happier that what I was doing was a lot more than buying some food.

After she left the cashier said, “People like you make my day.”  We then had a discussion about paying it forward.  She shared with me that she was a single mom with three kids who worked three jobs to support her family.  She said she always tried to give something.  Her kids wondered why because they were poor. She told them, “It always comes back in some way.” She was happy to report that her grandchildren are being raised with this ideal.

I felt fantastic for days afterwards. It felt so good to help someone who truly needed it.  In my view, she got the short end of the stick.

Because of this, a portion of the proceeds from the Thrive! Series will go to a Reawaken Your Brilliance Holiday Cheer 2012 event for local Raleigh residents.  I haven’t decided what that will look like, but I know it will be amazing!  I want to educate people on self-help, personal development, personal growth and personal improvement!  I want the whole world healed and thriving!

What can you do today to pay it forward?